Newmarket-Aurora NDP Federal By-Laws

By-laws of the
Newmarket-Aurora New Democratic Party
Electoral District Association

By-Law 1: Duties of Executive Members

1.1. The duties of the President shall include:
1.1.1. Providing leadership and enthusiasm for the Association;
1.1.2. Presiding at general meetings of the Association, and presenting an annual report on behalf of the Executive;
1.1.3. Convening and presiding at meetings of the Executive;
1.1.4. Working with the Executive in establishing and meeting annual goals of the Association;
1.1.5. Liaising with other local NDP association presidents to develop mutual goals, joint events, and improved public relations; and
1.1.6. Liaising with the federal office in garnering support for the Association, including visits by MPs.

1.2. The duties of the Vice-President shall Include:
1.2.1. Providing leadership and enthusiasm for the Association;
1.2.2. Supporting the President in their duties; and
1.2.3. In the President’s absence, convening and presiding at meetings of the Executive.

1.3. The duties of the Secretary shall include:
1.3.1. Recording and distributing the minutes of meetings of the Association and the Executive;
1.3.2. Providing notice of General Meetings to the membership.

1.4. The duties of the Membership Organizer shall include:
1.4.1. Maintaining the Association’s membership records;
1.4.2. Developing strategy for and organizing membership drives;
1.4.3. Exchanging membership reports with the federal and provincial offices of the Party, according to agreements between the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Ontario New Democratic Party;
1.4.4. Ensuring that an accurate membership list is available for registration at General Meetings of the Association; and
1.4.5. Preparing an annual membership report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

1.5. The duties of the Financial Agent shall include:
1.5.1. Maintaining records of all expenditures and revenues of the Association;
1.5.2. Filing financial reports to the Association’s auditor and Elections Canada in accordance with the Canada Elections Act;
1.5.3. Reporting regularly to the Executive concerning the state of the Association’s finances; and
1.5.4. Preparing an annual financial report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

1.6. The duties of the Youth Officer shall include:
1.6.1. Organize on behalf of the Association among the youth of the riding;
1.6.2. Represent the interests of youth within the Association; and
1.6.3. Liaise between the Association and Ontario New Democratic Youth and New Democratic Youth of Canada.

1.7. The duties of the Women’s Representative shall include:
1.7.1. Represent the interests of women in the Association.

1.8. The duties of the Disability Representative shall include:
1.8.1. Represent the interests of persons with disabilities in the Association.

1.9. The duties of the LGBTQ Representative shall include:
1.9.1. Represent the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer persons.

1.10. The duties of Members-at-Large shall include:
1.10.1. Assisting with the activities of the Association.